Security Systems

One of our specialties at Potensia Systems is the seamless integration of subsystems present in various security systems. We provide topnotch security solutions that are constructed to have built-in capacities to make way for easy integration between Electronics Access Control, Contact-less Smart card, CCTV in Dubai and all over UAE Surveillance and Crowd Management systems. Thankfully, we are veterans in this area; all our integrations and solutions are stellar and will provide your company with convenient sophistication.Video Surveillance system: 

– IP System Controllers & Software

– IP Video Intercom System

– IP Public Address System


Access Control Systems:

– Video Integration

– Customized Monitoring Screens

– Alerts and Alarm Prioritization

– SMS and Email Messaging

– Flexible Operator Permissions


Intrusion Alarms:


Perimeter Protection:

– Fence Detection Systems

– Buried Cables

– Radar

– Infrared Sensors

– Microwave and Passive Infrared


Physical Security:

– Physical Security Information Management is a software which converts fragmented data into meaningful and actionable information

– Its strengthens regulatory compliance

– Improves collaboration, resource sharing and response times;

– Manages geographically dispersed assets from a single location

– Reduces dispatch time

– Resolves true security incidents faster and minimizes false alarms.


X-rays Machines:

– Check Point Screening

– Cargo Screening

– Baggage and Parcel Inspection

– Metal Detection

– X-ray Scanning