Parking Management Solutions

We have specialized systems that will be of great benefit to you in the management of parking facilities. These solutions will help you optimize your time and veer more towards improvement; they work regardless of the location of the facility, whether off-street or on-street. As it’s our custom, every customer of ours is treated specially and every contract is considered unique and thus given the most attention. The solutions we offer will come in handy in the recognition and counting of vehicles, functions in video surveillance, video scanning, gate barriers, and bollards. Our solutions will help you monitor your revenue and define your progress. 

Road Blockers:




Fixed ANPR ALPR Systems
Mobile ANPR / ALPR
Portable ANPR / ALPR
Visce back office intelligence
GCC/UAE Context Checkers




Telescopic & Fixed Bollards
Traffic Management & Access control
Shallow Mount Bollards

Gate Barriers and Paid parking:


Automation systems for swing gates with leaves measuring between 1.3m and 8m in length
Parking barriers for road widths of between 2.5m and 12m
The ideal solution when applying chain barriers in historical town centres or in private and public settings
Turnstiles to control pedestrian entry and exit
Automatic parking facilities with barcode tickets
Automatic parking facilities with transponder token
Under Vehicle scanning
Automatic Under Vehicle

Pedestrian Gates:


Inspection System
Automatic License Plate Reader System
Automatic Train Undercarriage
Inspection System Embedded Dual View