Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Solutions

ELV simply comprises of all systems that work with low voltage. From Intercom and Telephony systems to magnetic door locks automatically operated for access control. Potensia systems is easily the best team for all your extra low voltage needs because of our impressive experts list, resources, ethics and telltale customer reviews. We aim to give you the wholesome feel of sophistication and guaranteed ease by starting with you right from the schematic designs to the intricate floors of calculated engineering and installation. There is nothing as regards ELVs that we don’t handle professionally, look at a few of our extra low voltage campaigns!

Home Automation

Give your home that undeniable touch of style and sophistication with our advanced home automation solutions. Be updated and in sync with the latest trends in home front technology. Gone are those days where we would need a remote control access to most things in the home, with Potensia systems, your home – and in fact your life! – is reinvented with state of the art, seamless designs, devices and mechanizations. We know how best to transform the feel of your home, multiply your energy all the while enormously amplifying your comfort and utility. Engage us now for your automatically controlled home appliances, which can be manipulated from our expertly installed controllers on your smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.


Access Control

Beef up your home or office security with our premium Access Control services. We are able to offer you unbeatable covering where you are with our high-quality control solutions. Access Control Systems (or ACS) are technological endeavors that help track, order and oversee the access of personnel or individuals in a building, conventionally done via the locking of doors. We at Potensia systems can install Physical Access Control systems that will be receptive to your desired means of authentication, be it Finger prints, Magnetic or RFID identification cards, Face or Iris. We also do well with logical access control systems that help install firewalls and keycode protected access to files and databases. This technology is reliant on LAN infrastructure and normally engages physical devices like push buttons, sensors, and magnetic locks.


Telephony Systems and Intercom

These systems are also known as Wireless Audio Intercoms. They are not new on the scene as they have been used for decades now for communication in a building. However, as you would expect, Potensia systems have got the extra spice to make your establishment more connected and in sync like ever before. These Telephony Systems and Intercom are advanced and digital in production, our Intercom systems come as Voice Over IP (VOIP) Solutions, which do not need to be cabled separately. It automatically saves you the rigor of multiple wiring and connections and relies on the LAN infrastructure of your building.



Intrusion Detection System or popularly known as IDS is a broad range of technologies which helps to detect threats and isolates the infrastructure of your network from the reach of the threat, thus protecting it. With our superior IDS solutions, you can be rest assured of the security of your building. The Intrusion Detection System consists of short-range radar systems, IR motion detectors, CCTV Videos, fiber optic cable systems that are connected to fences and several other auxiliary gadgets and devices. With Potensia systems, you are offered topnotch installation and management services, such that your security is always updated and sharp.



Need a premium public address system for your building? Then let out experts bring the wonderful delights of PAS/PAGA to you. PAS – Public Address System and PAGA – Public Address and General Alarm make up the speakers and sound systems used in large building for the distribution of information, playing of cool background music, and in case of an emergency, it works well for the emission of pre-recorded information. PAS engages the use of twisted electric cables to get through to the speaker systems, and as such is not IP based nonetheless, our experts have fresh innovations in the PAS designs that make use of LAN technologies for putting the main computers in your firm together, providing a more distributed design.



A range of TV distributions can be delivered to your building by the use of any of these mediums. This concept of distributed viewership involves the connection of multiple television sets to one source – known as the Head End, and from there each will be at liberty to choose the desired channel from the listing to watch. The functions of SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television), CATV (Cable Television) are essentially the same, with observable differences based majorly on their cabling network style. You may, however, opt for IPTV solutions which relies on the LAN technology that other systems in your building use, it is smarter, more convenient and seamless in its design.


Systems that run on very low voltage are multiple, listed above is a small sample of our services that you may be interested in. We like to know what exactly our clients have in mind to do, that way we deliver solutions best tailored to fit your working environment. We make IT happen, only at Potensia systems !