At Potensia systems, our drive is the satisfaction of our clients. Allow us bring you up to the hilt of convenience and comfort with our exquisite Automation and assisted intelligent solutions. Discover uncharted regions of deluxe ease with our expert services available in all of the following areas.


Lighting Control

Lay your hands now on our advanced networked systems consisting of sensors, switches, and photocells that will provide you intelligent lighting services and control with the most ease.


Blinds Control System

Turn your rooms and spaces into an intelligent comfort hub with our prolific control solutions. We provide smart control of all blinds from a central location at the mere push of a button!


HVAC Control Systems

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of your office and home space are considered the most critical aspects of any building. Allow us optimize your power delivery and consumption with our unique formulas and solutions.


Touch Screens & iPad Control Systems

Did you know that from virtually any iOS or Android device, you can order the entirety of your building?! It is one of our many specialties at Potensia systems. Join the growing population of smart home owners today!


Guest Room Management Systems

Our perfected guest room management system brings to your guests unparalleled comfort at the same time reducing the consumption of energy.


Energy Savings

Profound energy management and optimized energy savings are achievable with our topnotch solutions. We systematically reduce the energy needed per time to carry out services.